Ghana Post GPS has come to stay…


Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah has relieved fears of many that the newly launched digital address system will not last.

According to the Deputy Minister, the survival of the Ghana Post GPS system is dear to the President and the Vice President and hence won’t oversee its collapse.

He further called on Ghanaians to be rest assured that information stored on the system will be protected and further outlined its importance.

“Ghana Post GPS is solely for Ghana and can be accessed fully within the boundaries of our country. It is also beneficial in times of emergency since it has options that makes it easy for the emergency service providers such as the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Ambulance Service and the Ghana Fire Service to easily locate victims of unforeseen occurrences…,” he said on Homebase TV.

He further debunked claims that the Google GPS map is equal to basic digital mapping.

“Never should this audacious initiative be confused with basic mapping and navigation like the incompetent minority want us to believe, it’s a shame if you ask me. The digital address system offers way more than what the regular mapping or GPS does, it indicates your Region, District and Area code etc.,” he added.

The application which was launched by President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is aimed at providing an effective means of addressing every location and place in the country, using an information technology application.

The app, which government said cost the country $2.5 million, has been criticized by some experts in the technology space as well as some civil society organisations.

But the Awutu Senya East maintained that the application has come to stay.

“It has received massive endorsements by Ghanaians and it would interest you to know that over 200,000 downloads were done in just a week after it was rolled out…,” he said.