14 Ghanaian celebrities who hate each other…number 6 will SHOCK you


At times it might be hard to remember that celebrities are people just like the rest of us and with that being the case, they can get into spats or feuds with each other just like anyone else.

There are also a fair amount of drama circling around some of our favourite stars where accusations, counter accusations as well as cringe-worthy digs fly about.

Sometimes a spat will evolve into something more and some celebrities can become lifelong enemies.

Clickgh takes a look at some of the feuds in the Ghanian showbiz fraternity over the years. However, some of them have denied they are “frenemies” and there is no bad blood between them.

14. Bridget Otoo and Moon Sangmoor

Bridget was reportedly taken off TV3’s ‘New Day’ show over disciplinary issues after there had been many complains to management regarding her behaviour on and off set as well as her rocky relationship with co-host Moon Sangmoor. Their relationship had soured so much that the rivalry was even obvious during the show.

Although Bridget has denied she does not have qualms with her former colleague, their embittered rivalry could no longer be contained, not during live shows. Bridget was later suspended by TV3.

13. Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono

The ‘beef’ all started when rapper Yaa Pono was scheduled to perform at the Cape Coast stadium alongside other stars including dancehall artiste Shatta Wale. Well, things did not go as planned as Yaa Pono was prevented by Shatta Wale from performing after he reached the venue. Then the dancehall musician in a Facebook live video called the rapper his “boy”, a tag which didn’t go well for Pono. The Tema-based rapper in a reply told the “Dancehall Commando” hitmaker not to refer to him, Yaa Pono as his “boy” because he is not.

Pono then released the diss track “Noko”, which Shatta Wale quickly followed with “Say Fi”. Pono then hit back with “Gbee Naabu”. Shatta also responded with “one man killer” going at both Yaa Pono and IWAN.

Shatta Wale later revealed that his feud with Yaa Pono was all planned. Well, we hope so…

12. Mzbel and Nana Aba Anamoah

Mzbel and Nana Aba Anamoah have never been best pals and the reason behind their “tussle” is over a CEO of a bank in the country.

It’s open to secret that former UT Boss Captain Rtd Prince Kofi Amoabeng once dated TV Host Nana Aba and later musician Mzbel.

According to Mzbel, Kofi Amoabeng and Nana Aba ended their relationship before she came in and she went on to implore some Ghanaians from saying she was the one that caused the break up between the two.

Nana Aba is yet to comment on this issue though.

11. Leila Djansi & Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

It is said they were close pals until they worked together on a film I Sing of a Well. That was the moment the two ladies “fought” over the ownership of the movie. Akorfa filed a suit against her friend but later had it withdrawn.

In her words, “I don’t see myself working with Leila in the future” and it seems she meant her words and there has not been any joint production from the two since then.

10. Ex-Doe and Chicago

They thrilled Ghanaians with their hit song, Daavi Medekuku, some years ago but as the popularity of the song soared, its ownership became a problem.

As a result, they went their separate ways and recorded diss songs for each other. While Ex doe did Ma Ba, to announce his presence, Chicago hit him with Wo Beko to shoo him away.

The two, however, mounted the same stage some three years to perform Daavi Medekuku at Back In the Day concert held in Accra.

9. Kweku Manu and Agya Koo

It is a known fact that Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu, was Agya Koo’s protégé before he found his feet in the movie industry. But his soaring popularity is believed to have threatened Agya Koo’s position on the comedy scene, one that the latter was not happy with. What is said to have strained the relationship, however, was Kwaku Manu’s refusal to accept an offer by Agya Koo to manage him.Whatever it is, the duo had a reconciliation meeting last year and it seems they are “cool” now.

8. Kaakie and Mzvee

The beef was initiated by Kaakie with her track “Sankwas” speculated to be a diss song pointing at MzVee, AK Songstress, and few others. However, the only person who has replied to the song is AK songstress.

MzVee on the other hand, hasn’t responded directly but released a song with EL titled “Make I Shine” which was also suspected to send messages to Kaakie. The interesting part is that, throughout the suspected beef, none of them mentioned names…

7. M.anifest and Sarkodie 

Once close buddies, now worst enemies. Two of Ghana’s best rappers, Sarkodie and M.anifest, were lyrically at each other’s throat and we wondered why?

Many were of the view that Sarkodie started ‘dissing’ M.anifest on his ‘Bossy’ track and some also think Sarkodie just used M.anifest’s signature to end his verse of the aforementioned track.

But a deep listen to the song from the beginning and you could tell Sarkodie was actually throwing jabs and to end it with M.anifest’s signature makes it suspicious.

It’s obvious M.anifest read in between the lines and picked most of his lines and replied in his ‘godMC’ track but a day after, Sarkodie came out with “Kanta” track which throws direct punches at M.anifest especially with his sense of fashion.

6. Anita Erskine and Joselyn Dumas

It’s been reported that their relationship went sour when after years of hosting the One Show, Joselyn Dumas was “forced” to leave and replaced with Anita, who was the producer of the show.

They have both failed to address the issue publicly but Anita in an interview claimed Joselyn has never been her best friend even though they worked together.

5. Caroline Sampson and Mzbel

Caroline made certain statements while co-hosting Celebrity Fanzone about the paternity of Mzbel’s son, which the songstress did not take lightly. According to Caroline, Mzbel has disclosed to her that Prince Kofi Amoabeng is the father of her child. Although Caroline came out to defend what she said and explained that she didn’t mean to put Mzbel in a bad light, the latter was adamant and set social media ablaze with several attacks. Fans of the musician also joined to attack Caroline’s personality, forcing her to withdraw from the show.

Asked about her relationship with Mzbel is after their public banter, Caroline stated flatly, “we are not friends; we see each other, say ‘hi’, that’s all.”

4. Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobia

They were best of friends; at least, that was what their fans were made to believe with the many pictures the two ladies posted of themselves on social media daily and then all that suddenly stopped.

The sweet-turned-sour friendship emerged in April 2013 after Yvonne Nelson did not show up at Sandra’s call to the bar, while the latter was also missing at the premiere of Yvonne’s movie ‘House of Gold’ in which Sandra ironically starred.

Sandra Ankobiah later took down all photos of her and Yvonne together from her Instagram page. Since then, the two have never been seen together in public.

Even though they both have denied there is bad blood between them, Yvonne confirmed on Delay’s Show some time ago that they were not as close as they used to be but Sandra admitted on the same show later that she misses Yvonne sometimes.

3. Promzy and Reggie Rockstone

Recently, Reggie Rockstone was accused by Promzy, formerly of VIP, that he caused his exit from the group. Reggie Rockstone defended himself saying his decision to join the group was after Promzy left and never before he did.

In a recent interview, Reggie confirmed that he had no beef with Promzy even though he (Promzy) had issued threats against him on social media.

2. Samini and Shatta Wale

Call it the biggest rivalry in Ghanaian showbiz and you may not be far from the truth. For the past four years or more, Samini and Shatta Wale, have not hidden their hatred for each other.

Perhaps, the “Shatta Samini” feud is the only that ever attracted a recognised body, MUSIGA, to intervene.

Recently, the pair are at each other’s throat again, but this time not over musical supremacy— it is about whether Nigerian musician, Wizkid, is a superstar or not.

Samini believes the Nigerian artiste is a superstar just like him and Shatta Wale and all the other big names in African music, however, The Shatta Movement king did not take this comment well, as he responded by throwing ‘shade’ at Samini, whom he mocked for having difficulty with the English language and described him as just a ‘hype artiste.’

1. Delay and Afia Swarzenneger

Once close buddies, now worst enemies. Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay and Afia Schwarzenneger used to be best of friends until they had a misunderstanding concerning the Afia Schwarzenegger TV show a few years ago. Since then, they have been throwing jabs at each other on social media and in radio/TV interviews.

There will never be a way the two talented ladies will put the past behind them and smoke the peace pipe and come out with more interesting “collabo”.