12 Truth Every Man, Should Know.


1. Guy, if you are not serving God, you are serving Satan. There are no middle grounds and at this stage of your life you have a lot of energy to service any of those two. Ask yourself again what you have been busy doing.

2. Stop warehousing girls into close relationships with you without commitment.
Very soon they Will soon be so many and you would be confused.

3. Forget about toasting girls. If as I expect, you succeed, more women would want you than you can count and they will show it and come for you. Learn now how to beat the distraction of seduction if not your days will end up donated to women.

4. Learn to give help to women without expecting favors back especially sexual response. You cannot lead a normal life if you don’t understand this and you won’t go far on your purpose if you don’t practice this.

5. Learn to leave a girl alone if she already committed herself into a relationship. It is dishonorable to try to hoodwink her off another man.

6. Learn to communicate your affection for a lady but also understand the dynamics of letting her choose you. Never force, manipulate or deceive a lady into a relationship with you. That foundation is destructive and the relationship won’t be the best. In the end you loose.

7. Guy, love is not by force. She is entitled to refuse you. Trust me, you are better off leaving a lady who didn’t love you back.

8. God will give you a chance to live by faith and conquer your fears. He may give you a wife before your potentials materialize to wealth. Be watchful not to let her go because you don’t have money immediately.

9. Looking for a wife yourself is a very risky venture. You may just pick Satan’s set up. If I would advise you, make sure you pray and confirm from God that A or is it B is his will for you.

10. Don’t wait to have all the money before you start considering a life partner. Money actually has a way of attracting ‘gold diggers’ and make it tougher.

11. Shelve those dictatorial tendencies, starting with your female friends and perhaps girlfriend ‘Abi Na’ fiancee. Learn to listen to a woman’s view and consider it. This is big wisdom for your future and marriage.

12. Guy, deal with the tendency to be selfishly stingy if you hope to have a happy family. Open your hands and learn to come last in your own priority list. Very soon in your ‘ideal home’ your wife and kids will have to come first.


Prophet Ezekiel Nelson Commey